Honda Hornet 900

(aka Honda 919 in USA)

Here you'll find information about the Honda Hornet 900.
The latest addition to the awesome Hornet series of bikes.

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  • Model Information

    The Hornet 900 previewed at the NEC in Birmingham in November 2001 and was released for sales in late december 2001.

    2002 no model updates.

    2003 Iron Nail Silver colour no longer available. No further updates.

    Hornet 900 Colour info

    The Hornet 900 is currently available in the UK and Europe in the following colours:
    2001 onwards - Iron Nail Silver, Candy Tahitian Blue, Mute Black Metallic.

    In Japan:
    Red and Grey

    In USA:

    2001/02/03 SPEC


    Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4





    Compression Ratio

    10.8 : 1


    Electronic fuel injection

    Max. Power Output

    81kW/9,000min-1 (95/1/EC)

    Max. Torque

    92Nm/6,500min-1 (95/1/EC)


    Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance




    6 Speed

    Final Drive

    ‘O’-ring sealed chain


    (L/W/H) 2,125 / 750 / 1,085mm



    Seat Height


    Ground Clearance


    Fuel Capacity

    19 litres (including 4 litre reserve)


    Front 17M/C MT3.50 hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium.

    Rear 17M/C MT5.50 hollow-section

    triple-spoke cast aluminium.


    Front 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)

    Rear 180/55 ZR17M/C (73W)


    Front 43mm cartridge-type telescopic fork, 120mm axle travel.


    Rear Monoshock damper with 7-step adjustable preload, 128mm axle travel.


    Front 296  4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with 4-piston callipers, floating rotors and sintered metal pads.


    Rear 240 5mm hydraulic disc with single-piston calliper and sintered metal pads.

    Dry Weight



    Model Details

    The recent upsurge in the retro naked bikes market has certainly contributed to the success of the Honda Hornet 600. But it has to be said, success in the main part is largely due to the quality of the bike at the budget price and the cult following. From the word go Hornet owners were modifying their bikes with all manner of kit and it wasnāt long before someone worked out that, with a little modification, the Honda 900 Fireblade engine would slip in.
    Surely Honda could build one for general release? After all, Suzuki had their 1200 version of the Bandit.
    Soon rumours that the Honda Blackbird was going to appear in a naked form circulated and that it would be called the Hornet 1100. This was scuppered when Honda released the bike soon after as the X11. It wasnāt the cult bike theyād hoped it to be and Hornet owners were still searching for that extra oomph at a budget price, something the X11 certainly hadnāt managed to pull off.
    All this changed when the Hornet 600ās biggest rival, the Yamaha Fazer 600, was rumoured to be going up to a 1000cc version based on the R1 in late 2000. Honda had to keep up and immediately answered our prayers by building the Hornet 900 based on the proven 1998 Fireblade engine. Not only that, they billed it for sale at under £6k ö a grand and a half cheaper than the Fazer 1000.

    Hallelujah! The nail on the proverbial head.

    For the most of early 2001 we were graced with artists impressions and computer photo fits. Eventually n the summer we were treated to some carefully leaked/released spy shots. The cat was out of the bag.

    The Hornet 900 debuted at the NEC bike show and was on sale in the shops by the end of 2001. The good news for our friends across the water in the US of A was that they would finally get their paws on a Hornet having been deprived of the 600. The Hornet 900 was also released in the States in 2001, but under the name Honda 919. Same bike, different name. Americans finally got a taste of ĪHooningā, a name us Hornet owners over here give to the experience of riding the 600. With the bike on both sides of the Atlantic the Hornet scene can only get bigger. Youāve only got to look at the aftermarket spares available to realise that the bike is here to stay.

    The Hornet 900/Honda 919 is based on the same mono-backbone frame as the 600 with some extra strength added to cope with the extra forces from power output and braking.

    Mono-backbone frame revealed.

    On first glance, it doesnāt look much bigger. Itās when you step up to the beast that you notice the changes ö twin exhausts, broader tank, chunky clocks and that all important 919cc Fireblade powerhouse.

    I was lucky enough to have a Demo bike for the day back in December 2001 courtesy of Tippetts of Surbiton.
    You can read my review and first impressions by clicking HERE.

    A quick shufty at the stats and youāll see that the 900 is only 18kg heavier than itās sister 600 and thereās not much change in the ride height, length and width. The ride height sits just 5mm higher than the 600. What you will notice in the specification, is that the Fireblade motor uses fuel injection instead of carbs, improving low down acceleration at the sacrifice of top end performance. Saying that, when you consider Hornets are naked beasts, then itās probably a good thing, unless you want your arms stretching to the length of a baboons.

    Take it for a spin and if youāre a Hornet owner already youāll soon realise it handles in much the same way, with the added bonus of Fireblade grunt. The brakes are superb, instilling confidence. You know that when you wind her up, youāll just as easily be able to bring her to heel. Out on the open road you get a fluid feeling and the bike really comes into itās own.

    The body work still follows the beautiful sexy lines of the 600 ö but with some smooth touches and some tasteful finishing. The rear light is now integral and the tank bigger (thank the lord). The elephant ear indicators of the 600 are gone and replaced by some more tasteful items. A sharp looking front light and neat alloy mounting bracket sweeten up the front end along with little touches like over riders on the front forks. The swingarm is also a point of interest ö looking far tastier than the 600. All wrapped up in Hondaās high quality finish.

    But donāt forget this is a budget bike (what do you want for under £6k?). The bike doesnāt get adjustable front forks and still just preload adjustment at the rear mono shock. But hey, remember how much youāre spending to get a bike that will put a smile right round your head!

    I think weāre going to see plenty of 600 Hornet owners migrating to this baby ö if only to leave Īem standing at Swarms.

    The shots below were taken by a contact at Lloyd Cooper Motorcyles at the NEC Show 2001.
    The 'spy' shots at the time show the Hornet 900 with some of the aftermarket gear available through Honda.
    Crash Bungs, Fly Screen and centre stand option.

    Click HERE. to see what Honda UK say about the 900 Hornet.

    Click HERE. to see what MCN said about the 900 Hornet at the time of launch.

    So what do they cost?

    UK list price for the 2001/02 Hornet 900 RRP: £5799.00 inc VAT

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