Honda Hornet CB250 - Japanese Import

Here you'll find information about the Honda Hornet 250.
As the 250 is an import bike, very little information is available to us - as it's all in Japanese.

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  • Model Information

    Launched in Japan in 1996 the 250 Hornet was the 'original' Hornet.
    It uses the same frame, swingarm, tank, and wheels from the Fireblade as the 600.
    Specification remained same throughout production to my knowledge.
    Model introduced to UK in 1998 as an import or 'grey' bike.

    An original Japanese PR Shot/Ad.

    In 1996 the 250 Hornet revolutionised the naked street fighter market in Japan. The roots of this engine is the 1986 CBR250Four. Its gear driven cams and liquid cooled in-line 4 250cc engine is based on the "Jade 250." (native to the Japanese domestic market only) All this is wrapped up in a pretty impressive and original styling package that pumped up the whole naked street scene and paved the way for the CBR powered 600 version (1998 UK) and eventually the Fireblade powered 900 version (2001 UK).
    Aggressive body styling, high level exhaust and of course, that fat 180 back tyre taken straight from the 1992 to 1999 CBR900RR Fireblade, all add up to a tasty machine.
    In Japan where the laws governing bikes are tight, insurance sky high and MOTs so stringent most people buy new bikes to avoid them, the 250 Hornet is perfect. The bike is still quick and easily modified and tricked up. In Japan, it's a favourite with many bikers of all ages, over here, it tends to appeal to younger riders and those restricted to 33bhp for 2 years having just passed the bike test.
    On first look it's a Hornet, just a skinnier version with less guts, but still the same street cred.

    Hornet 250 Colour info

    1996 onwards - Metallic Silver, Metallic Dark Red, Black, Blue.
    Some models have interesting wheel colours, such as gold/bronze on the red bikes, white on the blue bikes and orange on the silver bikes.

    Hornet 250 Spec


    Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline-4


    48.5/33.8 mm






    6 Speed

    Final Drive

    ‘O’-ring sealed chain


    (L/W/H) 2045 / 740 / 1,055mm



    Seat Height


    Ground Clearance


    Fuel Capacity

    16 litres


    Front 130/70 ZR16

    Rear 180/55 ZR17


    Front : single disc

    Rear : single disc

    Dry Weight



    So what do they cost?

    Well, you can pick up an imported 250 Hornet on a 1996N plate for around 2000
    A newer model, will cost you closer to 3000

    Coming soon to this section will be a profile of a Hornet 250 rider and club member, namely, Thomas Moore from Pocklington in York.

    Thomas has tricked up his 250 and added a few extra bits. Also his exhaust has been hand modified to sound more fruity, stay tuned for all the info.

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