2007 CB600F Hornet


Dunc Adams - Council Member


Today I had a test ride on the new 2007 600 Hornet. Since I already have a 1999 Hornet and a 2006 Hornet I was looking forward to trying the new motor...

You get on it and it feels like a Hornet, engine is great apart from the slight hesitation from the injected motor, other than that it pulls very well.
After a few minutes you notice the seat feels a little bit harder than older Hornets.
Then you notice the foot pegs are postioned slighty more forward.
Coming to a stop you immediately notice that the brakes are spot on. They are 6 pot and they make a difference.

As you reach for the sidestand you notice you have to put your leg further back to put it down.

I still can't get over the pig ugly rear end, it appears to have a built in bird bath, but you can't see that when your riding. Other than that it's a great bike. What's more, it comes in red. Perfect. Time to chop in the old 1999 Hornet and treat myself...


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